What is the Time is Money Project?

I’m a big believer of capitalising on opportunities, and my Time is Money Project is a platform that is built upon my new self-development book. It was one thing for me to pen my experiences and advise people on how to maintain money, use their time efficiently and find a path that suits them on paper. I wanted to take it further and my Time is Money Project allows me to do that by giving other artists and creatives the opportunity to showcase what they are about. 

T K Williams-Nelson

We live in a society where believe it or not, people are not supporting each other the way that they should. With my Time is Money Project I aim to elevate others in a world where everyone is so competitive that we forget the fact that as a unit, we can do so much more. If you are trying to become successful at what you do, you will have to learn how to appreciate someone else’s grind just as much as you believe in yours. Your network is your net worth. How are you meant to build a network without communicating with others similar to yourself? 

I chose to feature five other creative’s in my book Time is Money. I did this because these creative’s have something else to offer people that read my book. They have experienced things that I never have and this allows my book to help more people. All of them are talented people and I wanted people to know that. Now my Time is Money Project will allow me to showcase the raw talent of creative’s through different events such as pop up shops and performance showcases. If you are someone involved in fashion, or a performer that wants to showcase your talent on a stage then get in touch.

Samuel Williams, Kiraya Kawesa and Kimarli Allen

Not only will I be using events to help promote other businesses and creative’s, I have set up a YouTube Channel called Time is Money UK that will feature visuals of both women and men to watch in different industries. There will be interviews featuring my creative contributors and other talented people that have a voice, and are serious about that voice being heard. There is so much to come from my Time is Money Project, and I feel blessed to be in a position to launch such an initiative at 21 years old. I’m here to build, and if you want to build too, join the movement!

Interviews coming soon to the Time is Money UK Channel but for now why not check out the Behind The Scenes video of my Time is Money Penthouse photoshoot with Courtney Barnes – https://youtu.be/JaB43AAKnWo

My Time is Money Book Launch Event – www.eventbrite.co.uk

In June 2016 I decided that I was going to write a self-development book based on my experiences as a young person in business and as a creative. I then went about establishing an all male creative team (not intentionally) to feature in what is now known as Time is Money. I am happy to finally announce the launch event for my new short self-development book that aims to inspire young people, creative’s and individuals in business. 

Experiences by Samuel Williams, Kimarli Allen, Kiraya Kawesa and Maverick & Malachi also feature in Time is Money about their involvement in the creative areas of entertainment, poetry and music and how they have overcome challenges in their creative careers. This book is significant to me because I have opened up about many failures as well as successes. I wanted to let people know that despite being in business and writing books, there were still hurdles that I had to face and there were times that I lost motivation, but the real story is about picking myself back up and making things happen. I never gave up, and I feel that it’s important for others to know that it’s okay to make mistakes. You can always adjust and create a new plan, but this only starts by having a goal to begin with.

There will be performances by my creative contributors Kiraya Kawesa and Kimarli, with the event hosted by entertainer OgaSamuel. Entrepreneur talks will be given by Ryan Moore, founder of Liquor Life UK and Yassin Bojang, founder of Empowering Queens. There will be mini pop up shops by my boutique, Unique Boutique London featuring my new street wear brand Urban Underground and pop up shops by Liquor Life UK and ILRAMIK on the night.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to bake so I will have free cupcakes for all those that attend on the night and there will be spa, drink and clothing giveaways on the night too! 

Time is Money is my third book, but the first book that I have had the opportunity to launch with those that I have encountered on my journey through life. It will be a night of good vibes, music, networking and support for all those that grace the stage. Tickets for my launch party are available at http://www.eventbrite.co.uk and I hope to see you all there!

Blog post about my Time is Money Project that will follow the release of my book will be up next week.

T K Williams-Nelson

The Empowering Queens Networking Event: Inspire and Be Inspired!

I had the privilege of speaking to a room full of ambitious and driven ladies at the Empowering Queens networking event on Saturday about my approach to running my fashion business, Unique Boutique London.

Empowering Queens is an organisation founded by young entrepreneur Yassin Bojang, and aims to bring women together in different areas of the industry to network and inspire. Yassin has been a good friend of mine since we met at university, and it was amazing to see how people came together to support her and each other.

Speakers included myself and Joanna (pictured above) who works at Google and has asserted herself as the beautiful, fierce woman she is in a male dominated workplace. 

The event was hosted by the lovely Monique, who did a brilliant job getting everyone involved and interacting with each other. Before each speaker went up, she led a motivational chant that was a very unique touch to any social gathering.

There is a lot more to come from Empowering Queens and the women that come together because of it. It is an initiative that is essential to the development of young people, and it was a lovely experience being a part of it.

T K Williams-Nelson 

The Man Behind the Act: Noel Samuels

Noel Samuels is a 26 year old singer and actor from London who is ready to take his career to new heights. From a young age Noel had always appreciated good acting, being inspired by the likes of Denzel Washington and Will Smith. By the age of seventeen he knew that acting was what he wanted to do and began to take it seriously. He graduated in 2012 and that same year he collaborated on a project with River Dance in Dublin. The project was called Heartbeat of Home and fused salsa and traditional African dance together.
In 2015, Noel travelled to China to play the role of Seaweed J Stubbs in the Hairspray production, but his biggest challenge was yet to come. In 2015 he moved to Germany for a year to take part in the theatre production, Starlight Express. Created by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Starlight Express has been part of the German city, Bochum for over 28 years. It is a musical production that includes an array of twists and turns that aim to give you a spectacular show. For Noel, this was the most difficult job he had to adapt to. With being in a completely new city and playing parts in such a landmark german production, the pressure was on. Noel trained at skate school for four months to prepare for the show and survive a four month probation period before officially being part of the Starlight Express team. He played the lead role of Papa, which he admits was difficult as he had to learn how to both sing and speak in German but was his most enjoyable role to play whilst he was out there. He also played other minor roles before returning to the UK in 2016 ready to take the acting world by storm.
Noel is set to star in the West End production of Dream Girls at the end of the year which he describes as the best highlight of his acting and singing career so far. It is not easy for actors to make their break on a London theatre stage where only the best are given the opportunity to do so, but Noel has broken down boundaries and is ready to leave his mark in his home city. When asked if he would consider moving towards film and TV he said ‘film and tv are definitely an option, but I have to be able to do the role justice’. Just goes to show that it’s not all about the money and the attention when you have passion and a dream.
T K Williams-Nelson

Word Up: 1st Anniversary Celebrations!

Word Up celebrated its first anniversary this month with a bang! One of the best spokenword events in London, Word Up was packed with amazing talent once again. What made the night even more special is that they suprised some of their past and present performers with a published poetry book featuring their work!



Yes, Word Up has released their first published poetry book featuring 39 brilliant poets that have performed at Word Up in the past year, including myself. Not only is this a wonderful gesture to all the poets that were lucky enough to be published, but it is a major step for Word Up as an event. They have shown everyone why they are truly a cut above the rest, and how much they appreciate the individuals that grace their stage.

Published Poet and Videographer: Abu Yillah
Published Poet & Spokenword Artist: Seraphic

My published poem is called ‘Reminiscing’ and like much of my poetry and spokenword, it speaks upon what is happening in our world. My writing is often politically aware, and covers a range of topics from poverty to capitalism and everything in between.

Founded by Charlie and Laura de Courcy, Word Up has blossomed into something beautiful and has provided both established and first-time performers with a great platform to express. I performed at their very first event in June last year, and ever since have become a part of a growing poetry society. Held on the first Monday of every month, the event allows you to be inspired, inspire others and meet the best people.

Word Up founders Charlie and Laura with Ghetto Geek

Performance highights from the latest event include brother Malachi and Maverick who gave a mind blowing performance that topped of a fantastic night. Also poets such as Abu Yillah and Ghetto Geek graced the stage with some immense words of worth, with host, Charlie kicking off the night with another passionate piece. The headliner of the night, Poet Curious, gave us our quick fix of word play that raised goose bumps. If you missed it, then you definitely need to catch the video footage once uploaded on the Word Up youtube channel.

Headliner of the night: Poet Curious
Performers Malachi and Maverick with Ghetto Geek
Poets: Ghetto Geek and Seraphic

Poetry and spokenword is becoming more recognised as an art form. Words are a powerful tool and being an author and poet myself, I am a believer of being able to express yourself in any way that you want to creatively. Express with us!

By T K Williams-Nelson

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UBL x Tannika Taylor Take On Portugal

Check out the latest Unique Boutique London blog post on my time shooting in Portugal.

Earlier this month, Unique Boutique founder, model and designer, Tannika Taylor shot our new UBLimited Essentials collection in Portugal with the amazing photographer Ashley Verse. In the year that Unique Boutique London has been in business this was our biggest venture yet which led to many more fashion opportunities that will be taking us to different parts of the world. We’re doing a mini series on the highlights of our time in Portugal and featuring our new collection images here before anywhere else. Shop the new collection now at: http://www.uniqueboutiquelondon.co.uk

IMG_6055 Model: Tannika Taylor – The Pale Blue Classic Choker and Crop Top Set

IMG_6073 Model: Tannika Taylor – The Pale Pink Classic Choker & Crop Top Set

“Doing my first photoshoot abroad for Unique Boutique London is a big achievement. I’ve stepped my game up and narrowed my focus. Quality and being unique is a big deal for me, and I…

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#PoetryLovers: Moving On (2016)

Happy to be releasing my first poem of 2016 which is called Moving On.

Thank you for all the love and support for my writing since joining WordPress and I hope you still feel the good vibes from the words I pen 🙂

Moving On

Moving along with the times ain’t no looking back,

Back at the fact that lonely never went away when you stayed,

They say never give up but does that mean wait for your love?

Above all there’s no more tears to shed, laying in bed with a clouded head,

Every dog has its day and yours has come,

Because moving on is the soul cleansing I need,

To breath fresh air again after being smothered by your deceptions,

Build new relations with meaningful dimensions that you will never understand,

At one point you were the man,

Say and do all the right things but as the novelty thinned so did the act,

Acting out when all you wanted was a way out,

I’ll never know why because even now you protect me with a lie,

When I can read between the lines and see your mind is elsewhere,

Your mind has another care in the world,

Yet you dare to tell me there’s always the future,

The future’s never promised but the present is here to be taken,

You can’t take me as I am but neither can another man,

You want my all but in return you drop the odd miss call and wait for me to come running,

Now I’m running away,

Away from this natural disaster they call a relationship,

I’m taking trips to higher places where the only distorted faces are those of my personality,

As it comes to grips with the changes you embedded in me,

The light at the end of the tunnel is finally showing me what I was meant to see,

That you were only a set up to identify what I really needed,

You probably thought I conceaded defeat but I’m waiting to find someone willing to meet half way,

Turn my grey days into great days and reassure me that better days are on the way,

Back to every move in everything I do and prove that passion is not only expressed through words,

But through actions and reactions to love that was lost with you.


T K Williams-Nelson

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A man named Brian

I met a homeless man called Brian on my lunch break about 2 months ago. I never said anything while I sat on the same ledge as him metres away. He was a clean man. Freshly shaven and in appropriate clothes, but he had a damaged foot which meant he wore one trainer, and one men’s outdoor sandal.

One day on my lunch break it was raining heavily and I walked passed Brian. His sandal was torn up and he was standing on the wet ground. I went to sit by him and said hello. He was so friendly that my heart melted instantly and I offered to buy him a pair of shoes. He refused and began telling me about the condition with his foot, which only made me more adamant that I was going to get him a decent pair of sandals, as that was what he was most comfortable in. He wasn’t pleased but I brought him into my shop and got him a pair of sandals that he thought was best. I heard nothing but thanks every time I saw him after that. I will sit with him every time I see him just to give him someone to listen to. He has been homeless since 2002, and his stories are moving.

Today I bought Brian a sleeping bag, sleeping mat and a dry bag to keep his belongings waterproof. The smile on his face made my day. It made me realise that people appreciate the smallest things no matter what life they may live. Money wasn’t a thought with this man. He has a beautiful soul, and a soul that has deepened my own. He has never asked me for anything, yet I feel the urge to provide him with warmth, and food. Brian has accepted his life on the streets, and all I can do is make it more comfortable for him. May God bless him each and every day.

T K Williams-Nelson

#PoetryLovers: Self-Destruct

A moment of lust,

Mistaken as a moment of love when your heart rate reaches new heights,

I have no will to fight this feeling,

A feeling missing for so long that I don’t care what it means,

Craving for love even when I know it’s not real,

Because I’m a complicated deal with a poker face of steel,

You’ll never know how I really feel,

Still a victim of deep wounds that fail to heal,

Scared of nothing but my own mentality creating alternative realities that I know aren’t quite right for me,

Even I ask myself why?

Why I go back to the same person that makes me cry?

Die a little more inside as I feel my pride shed away,

Stay in a place that has no place for me,

And I wonder why I can’t be happy,

I don’t let myself be,

I’m the one destroying me.

T K Williams-Nelson

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#Poetry Lovers: Lioness

I recently performed at the Word Up poetry event in London and penned this poem, now I’d like to share it with my followers and hopefully inspire your lyrical genius! Have a listen to the video now and see if you’d like to come down a share some words next time.


No stress,

I raise my hands to the Lord feeling thankful and blessed,

Despite being put through life’s tests this lioness stays blessed,

Fights for her right to be happy,

To smile through a storm that shakes the world,

Strong is an understatement,

A lioness’ reign can last forever if done with humble power,

Make obstacles crumble as she lays the fundamentals for the life of a Queen,

And by no means does that mean inequality,

I want nothing but prosperity around me,

A lioness loves hard,

And hard is what my heart has been for oh so long,

On a new journey where I discover myself,

Find myself to be less of a mystery I previously couldn’t understand,

This lioness has taken her stand,

To be the best she can be in this bitter land.

T K Williams-Nelson

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