My New Book, How To Become A Freelancer, Will Be Released 10th June!

Since publishing Time is Money two years ago, I’ve connected with so many creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs that have had valuable stories to tell about how Time is Money has helped them in some way. Whether it was developing a business plan or seeking funding through the Prince’s Trust, it was amazing to know that my book was benefiting people in the way I had intended. However, it was definitely more focused on the traditional approaches to business compared to more flexible forms of work such as freelancing. This inspired me to develop a short guide that is mainly focused on helping freelancers and creatives to build their business or side venture whilst avoiding the challenges that come along the way.

The book includes business knowledge and tips, funding options, freelancer testimonials, how to let clients find you and loads of useful links that can help you with money management, time management and more.

Released 10th June

If you keep up with my blog or know me personally, you know that I’m passionate about making people realise that they are talented. Every one has skills that can be monetized and can create a new stream of income from this. Yet with the fast paced lifestyle that many people live, it’s difficult for people to do what they love and also work for a living. How To Become A Freelancer & Make Money On Your Own Terms breaks down what it’s like to be a freelancer and how you can freelance alongside your main employment. The guide isn’t a solution to financial problems, it encourages you to analyse your options and see how you can start investing in yourself.

Life is about making things happen. Testing the waters and seeing what works for you so when you’re ready to settle into a long-term career, you know it’s one that you can take pride in. My recent blog post on mental health in the workplace is another inspiration for this book. Many people are working in jobs with demanding workloads and other stressful situations because they have to. We all have commitments to maintain and you can start to feel like you’re trapped. This is where doing something you love in your own time can help. Taking the time to work on your photography of your design work can help relieve the unfulfilled feeling your main employment may give you. Monetizing these skills can then in turn relieve some of the financial burdens you may have that your main employment doesn’t cover.

Success is the main goal for us all, so I encourage people to look within and see how you can create little successes for yourself which all lead towards that end goal. How To Be A Freelancer & Start Making Money On Your Own Terms is a great starting point for those considering freelancing, those who are freelancing already and for creatives that don’t know what to do with their work. The book covers how to set up as a freelancer, the do’s and don’t’s, how to secure funding and so much more. I also feature testimonials from freelance photographers and graphic designers who have traveled across the globe, covered celebrity events and built computers from scratch. Freelancing can bring a wealth of different opportunities in different forms.

How To Be A Freelancer will be released on my website on the 10th June under ‘Books’ in the top left and Amazon. New Time is Money Workshop tickets are now available under ‘Workshops’ for the 12th July.

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Don’t Ignore Your Debts. They Aren’t Going Anywhere!

Yes I said it! You have to face the storm and create a strategy on how to get out of the hole you may be in. Being in debt is never the end, but it is about managing your money better so you can clear them off slowly and enjoy more financial freedom. The first step is to acknowledge the debts and understand that they need to be paid.

Here are 4 tips on how to reduce your debts and make that move to a more financially free lifestyle.

1. Pay the minimum payment instead of nothing at all

When finances are mounting up all around you and you feel like you have nowhere to turn, depression and stress can set in. You may start to block out your problems instead of facing them head on, which in turn makes them worse. You can’t ignore your debts. They will grow until the point where you are facing bankruptcy and even more financial burdens.

The best thing to do when it comes to taking that step towards managing your finances is to start paying at least the minimum payment on bills that you haven’t been paying at all. This shows the company that you’re making an effort, even if it’s a small one. They are more likely to negotiate with you in future if necessary and it gives you peace of mind that you’re reducing your debt each month.

In addition, when you start making repayments you start to increase your credit. This will allow you to potentially borrow money in future because lenders will feel secure in the fact that you will be able to manage your repayments. For example, when applying for a credit card or an overdraft.

2. Increase your monthly payments

It sounds daunting but increasing your monthly payments on large debts that you have will allow you to pay them off quicker. It may not seem that way when you’re paying out what may be a large sum of money every month, but you’ll have more financial freedom once you’ve paid off the debt in a quicker time frame.

Increasing your monthly payments doesn’t have to be drastic. It could be a small increase if you’ve come into some extra money or are earning more from employment. Companies appreciate that you are showing that you want to pay off your debt just as much as they want their money, so it works well both ways.

3. Focus on your spending

Where can you cut back on spending and put more towards your debts? What subscriptions don’t you use regularly anymore? These are the simple questions you should ask yourself when considering where you can spend less and save more.

There’s been many times where I’ve had to cut back on things such as my meditation subscriptions or social activities because I want to dedicate my money to other things. If you have more wants than needs, then cutting back on the wants allows you to focus on the needs. Not only for reducing debt but for saving up money towards a mortgage or travel.


People really do underestimate the power of budgeting. You know exactly where your money is going and it allows you to analyse your finances from a different perspective.

Once you reached your budget in a certain area, it’s up to you to make a conscious decision on whether you want to go over the budget or stay within it. That’s where being realistic comes in. You have to set realistic budget for the different areas of your lifestyle in order to meet them. If you underestimate your financial commitments, then it will be difficult to reduce your debt and to know where your finances are actually going.

No debt problem is unsolvable, but you have to want to solve them. It all starts with you.

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T K Williams-Nelson – 4x author, designer and business owner.

How Is Your Mental Health In The Workplace?

Being a human is demanding. We need to work in order to finance our needs and it’s easy to forget about you.

Mental health in the workplace is something that shouldn’t be ignored but isn’t hard to overlook. Everyone handles the pressures of life differently, so comparing yourself to someone else in the same role as you isn’t a good idea. You need to be open minded about the impact of your employment on your mental health and take steps if necessary.

Stress is a significant trigger of mental illness in the work environment. Over 42% of employees are experiencing this in one way or another according to a report by Beneden. Common underlying causes included increased workload, financial concerns and workplace bullying.

As mental health in the workplace has become more recognised, companies have implemented different ways of trying to help their employees manage work in a healthier way. These include:

– Time Management Training

– Quiet Areas

– Anti-Bullying Policies

– Pension Schemes

Make use of the resources that are available to you at work. Report incidents so procedures can be put in place to avoid them in future, and be organised. Being organised physically can help you organise your thoughts mentally.

You should feel valued at work. You should feel like you can express that you’re having a hard time and need to take a time out. Be sure to connect with your HR manager to see if they have anything in place for when you feel like your mental health is declining. Maybe you could work remotely for a while or take some time off.

The pressure of the demanding work culture that keeps the wheels of life turning can result in employees burning out. This could make your stress levels even worse and doesn’t help anyone. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself time to refresh and increase your productivity in a healthy way.

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3 Challenges That Come With Running An E-commerce Business

There are challenges that come with running any business, but when it comes to a business that is solely based online, a unique set of challenges arise that have the potential to make or break a business.

I’ve ran my fashion business online for over 4 years now and have recently set up my author website linked to my WordPress blog. Over the years I’ve learnt so much about how to navigate the internet world to showcase my work, however there have been some stressful moments along the way. These are 3 main challenges that come with running an e-commerce business, and solutions on how to avoid them.

1. Website Maintenance

Yes, maintaining your own website can be tedious but it’s the face of your business. It can be difficult to stay on top of all your content depending on what you’re offering and this can be a big hindrance when it comes to representing your business online.

Think about what you like to see when you go on a website. It’s about structure, branding and most importantly, no grammatical errors. Would you want to buy from a company that has multiple errors on their front page? Would you continue to navigate that website after that first impression? As tedious as it may be, making sure your website has a clean personality and presentable finish is how business comes to you.

The best way to ensure that your website is up to scratch is to take your time. There is so much that goes into creating and maintaining a website, even if you’re using website builders such as Shopify, Go Daddy or Wix. Pacing yourself by working on one thing at a time will help you to focus on making sure that particular area is up to scratch before moving on to the next.

There has been times where I’ve let my followers know that my website will be down for maintenance for a few days. This allows me to work on the website with no distractions, and gives me the time to go over it a few times before re-launching back to the public.

Think of your website as the face of your business at all times. Make sure that it’s something that you would like to see if you visited. Be objective and focus on your audience, not how you want your website to look for you.

2. Product Images

Essential! Your product images have to be clear in regards to what you are selling. There are product images that just showcase the product on a clean background and product images that are more captivating and conceptual. Whichever approach you take will need investment.

Many people take short cuts with their product images to avoid spending money on studios, photographers and all the other expenses that come with doing a photoshoot, but this isn’t the way. You need to invest money to make money, and showcasing your products in a professional way will help you make sales.

There are so many freelance photographers out there looking to build their portfolios and would be willing to collaborate for reduced fees or no fees at all. Freelancer platforms such as People Per Hour and social media are the perfect places to source these services.

3. Marketing

Marketing an online business may seem like an easy task since everyone pretty much has access to the internet in one way or another, but this isn’t the case. When it comes to online marketing, targeting your audience is crucial. You want to connect with those that are interested in what your business has to offer, not everyone online.

Social media marketing is a great way to reach many people, but not necessarily the people that are interested in your product. Running a social media ad on Instagram or Facebook for example allows you to target your audiences directly by focusing on age, gender and geographical areas. Not only does this get your ads in front of the right people, but it also builds up your social media profile with potential customers.

For those that want a more affordable approach to marketing, then running giveaways related to your products is another great way to build a buzz. People love free things, and will often promote a giveaway post to be in with a chance to win. Be sure to not offer too much for a giveaway if you’re using your own products. The aim is to build a buzz around your business, not to give away all your goods!

Moving away from social marketing completely; I would suggest trying PR marketing. Now this doesn’t mean contacting influencers you may know and sending out your products for some content. For small businesses, there is a agency that caters to us and they’re called Journolink. You can subscribe and pay monthly to have access to their contacts and press release tools. Sending out samples of your products through an agency such as this not only gives you a professional look, but can also get your product in the right hands where you can actually benefit from the work that you put in.

Running any type of business isn’t easy, and I respect everyone that has taken that step to setting one up and putting their vision out to the world. This is why I write these posts. I want to help all those that are thriving and those that feel like they want to give up because they’ve exhausted every avenue. I know how you feel and I’ve been there at times, but what we need to remember as business owners is that we are critical thinkers. We will always find a way to to make what we’re passionate about work, and even if we can’t, we will change the course of our lives in some way.

Never forget your greatness. Never forget the drive that made you start your business. No one can do what you do like you can, so capitalise on your talents and never give up!

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T K Williams-Nelson

How Travelling Solo Can Be Healing…

It can be daunting to consider travelling on your own. The trip might be boring or you feel like you might not be comfortable. This is far from the case. Travelling solo is something I encourage everyone to do at least once in their lifetime. Even if it’s just once, it’s a chance to experience something new and look inwards for a change.

When you’re alone abroad it’s impossible to isolate yourself or be anti-social. You need to interact with people daily for various reasons. Maybe to know what sight seeing opportunities are available or to let your accommodation know about any health issues you may have. If you’ve been experiencing a phase of being too introverted, then travelling alone breaks that barrier in an organic way. You will find yourself making new acquaintances that will make your travels worth the money and your time.

The sun does wonders for our mood. You want to enjoy the outdoors and feel free when the sun is shining. I travelled recently to Europe solo and I spent most of my time soaking up the sun and letting my thoughts just flow. I forgot about work and savoured the feeling of the moment in silence. I also had a beautiful environment to think about what moves I wanted to make when I arrived home. When the mind is relaxed and not overwhelmed, the productivity is phenomenal. For those that are working hard and need a new perspective on things, then travelling solo is a must!

Focus on yourself. Focus on your emotions; the thoughts that make you sad and the thoughts that make you happy. When you’re away from your usual fast paced life, it’s easier to deal with things you may have been putting off when it comes to you. Physically, mentally and emotionally, take the time to analyse yourself and see how you can be happier. Even if it’s a minor change, one step to happiness is always a success. The freedom of travelling has the ability to heal wounds and open eyes.

T K Williams-Nelson

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Online Creative Platforms: Help or Hindrance?

Now that I’ve launched my new website and Time is Money Talk workshops, I’m back to posting and today I’m talking about creative platforms. Particularly, those across social media.

I’m sure we all know a few platforms online that aim to promote creative’s and those are definitely the platformswe need to be thankful for. Being an independent creative isn’t easy but the support that comes from these platforms make all the difference.

I used to attend random events and would ask to feature creative’s, entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone who had an interesting story to tell on my blog and YouTube Channel. It’s always a great feeling knowing that you’re helping to get this person’s story out there, and you get to find out new things too.

My favourite platform right now is @TheCreativesUK on Twitter. They are a platform that really takes pride in showcasing new creative’s to their audience and they’ve done so for me many times. If you’re involved in music, art, or anything that you think the world needs to see, then be sure to give them a follow and connect. They genuinely aim to bridge the gap between people and creativity across all areas.

This isn’t the case with all platforms though. Going back to Twitter, there’s been many platforms that request that creative’s send in their work to be featured. You’ll have conversations and make plans, only to never see them showcase your work. Not only is this a waste of time on both parts, but it can be disheartening. It implies that the platform isn’t interested in your work and made you go through this process for no reason. I’ve experienced with this multiple times. There are platforms that have a case of favouritism going on. They only want to support those that everyone is already supporting at the time.

DON’T be disheartened. The way these platforms respond to you isn’t a reflection of your work. Look at for the platforms that are genuinely supporting a broad range of creative’s and follow them. Network with them and kindly ask if they could feature what you do. If you’ve already seen what they do then they’ll most likely accept.

After a few blunders myself I wanted to give up connecting with platforms to showcase my work, but I can honestly say that connecting with @TheCreativesUK restored my faith in reaching out to different people when I have something I want to share.

I ask, help or hindrance? Only you can decide that, but don’t stop reaching out to new people. You never know who you you might find.

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Start Creating New Streams of Income with my Time is Money Talk Workshops!

Do you want to create a new stream of income? Do you have skills that can be monetized but don’t know where to start? My Time is Money Talk workshops aim to change your perspective of money and how you handle it.

There’s been times where I’ve lived off no more than £200 a month because I’d be dedicating all my financial resources towards my business. This forced me to come up with creative ways to budget and manage my money. I had to create new streams of income so I could not only survive, but keep my business alive.

I recently held a money workshop at the She Created Her Life Retreat and I was surprised at how many people were willing to share their financial concerns with me so openly. Some wanted to know how to handle money in relationships and some wanted to know how they could save more. We talked about maximising financial rewards through Cashback and money management tools that can help you to keep track of your finances better.

I’ll be providing advice on how to start freelancing and making money doing what you love alongside your existing commitments, and how I’ve created streams of income with baking, proofreading and in business. Time is Money Talk is about getting to the root of what’s stopping you from starting that new project or business idea and giving you the tools and information to feel more confident about taking that leap of faith.

Book your place for only £29 per person with refreshments + snacks available throughout the session. I guarantee each and every person will take something away from these workshops that will help them on their journey to financial success.

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Time is Money Media is here!

Yes, I’ve made it official. My new business Time is Money Media focuses on business and money management, alongside creative’s and entrepreneurs.

After publishing my last book, Time is Money, I got so much feedback in regards to the way it helped people think about different ways to set up their own projects and businesses for themselves.

I’ve launched my new Time is Money Talk workshops where the aim is to change people’s perspective of money. At times I’ve lived on the bare minimum per month to help push my business, so I know quite a bit when it comes to budgeting and creating new incomes.

Time is Money Media isn’t just about me publishing books. I’ll be doing informative YouTube videos on different business and money management topics such as the best website providers, funding and saving tools. I want people to make the most of their money where they can.

With everyone living such fast paced lifestyles it’s easy to forget about your passions. Time is Money Media aims to provide advice on how you can work on your passions alongside your existing commitments. This could potentially turn into your full-time work.

I’ve developed a new website on WordPress so you can purchase books and book workshops directly + Find more information on my Time is Money journey.

Very excited to start this new chapter and I thank all my followers for supporting me along the way. Hopefully I get to meet some of you in person via my workshops!

Learn How To Say No!

Just say no… but it’s not always that easy is it? No is a difficult word to accept regardless of the situation, but sometimes is necessary.

As someone that runs a business and encounters different people in different scenarios, there have been many times where saying no has made me feel somewhat guilty. I felt as if I’d made the other person feel negative in a way because I’ve rejected their request or offer.

A common example for me when running Unique Boutique London is collaborating with influencers. I’ve had a few bad experiences with influencers in the past and made the decision to not use that form of marketing for my fashion business going ahead. Not to say influencer marketing isn’t great for businesses when it’s done right, but it hasn’t been suitable for mine.

I encounter some amazing influencers online that have great approaches when it comes to doing what they do best, but I’ve had to say no to them. Despite them having nothing to do with my negative experiences with influencers in the past, I had to decline their collaboration offers because I’m focused on other forms of marketing instead. This is when the guilt likes to creep in.

Over time I’ve had to learn that not only in business but in life being able to say no is an essential skill to have. It’s how you say no that matters. I don’t project my negative experiences with past influencers on to new influencers that approach me wanting to work with Unique Boutique London. I decline collaborations in a professional manner and actually thank them for thinking of Unique Boutique London. There’s no need to be rude or malicious when saying no to people, and if you are polite about it, you’ll no longer feel guilty when put in that position.

When it comes to knowing what works for you and what doesn’t, it’s up to you to express that. You shouldn’t feel bad when making decisions about saying no to something that you feel isn’t the best for you. Think about how you would like to be spoken to in a scenario involving rejection in some form and be considerate to others how you would like them to be considerate to you. It all starts with mindfulness.

Approaching difficult situations with this mindset allows you to basically treat people how you would like to be treated when hearing the n word. You understand that you’re doing what you need to do, but you’re also considerate of the other party at the same time. Business, friendships and relationships all come with similar ups and downs, but as you learn from experience, you’ll become more robust to difficult situations like these.

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Are You Losing Yourself To Social Media?

We’re all on one social media platform or another and I’m sure we’ve all had the feeling that we’re on it a bit too much sometimes.

Social media is one of the best tools out there for marketing yourself and what you do, but when it starts to have a negative impact on your mind where do you draw the line?

You might find yourself comparing your lives to what you see in others or accelerating your life because you feel like you’re not doing as much. These thoughts and feelings are more common than you think. I’ve been a creative for 8 years and I’ve always used social media for promotion, however there’s a lot more going on than that. You’re taking in traumatic world news, unhealthy banter and people giving advice on things that they don’t really know much about.

This is where the negative side of social media come in. People feel under pressure and decide to share personal information with the world that backfires and you have hundreds of people being malicious as a result. You think about Instagram models and when you look at your own beauty in the mirror you can’t see it anymore. Your mind has been clouded to see what life should be like not what life is like in reality and you can start feeling alone, depressed and frustrated.

It’s important to have some boundaries when it comes to social media. Learn when to distance yourself and when to utilise it for what you need to do. Train your mind to understand that everyone is going through ups and downs and a lavish life online doesn’t change that. Don’t change who you are to fit in with who everyone else is portraying themselves to be. You are enough.

Social media is a numbers game. The more followers you have the more popular you’ll be. That’s how it goes, but when that popularity turns on you there is little that can be done. You still have to uphold this appearance that you’ve been trying to maintain for so long with the hopes that the issue will blow over and that will be that. The internet is for life. What you say and do online has the possibility to haunt you years down the line and damage your reputation in what you do. Be sure to not let these platforms dictate their own type of behaviour out of you that really isn’t you just to meet the energy of others.

Enjoy social media don’t lose yourself to it. It should be a fun and easy way to stay up to date on things that interest you and engage with genuine people. It shouldn’t be something you have to keep up with to feel normal. Once you realise this, everything else will fall into place, and if you have been feeling low lately, you can now pick yourself up knowing that you really are enough just as you are!

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