#PoetryLovers: Wasted Time.

I can feel every second in the minutes that go by,



I can feel the make up on my face dry,



I can feel the anger boiling in my blood,



I can hear the excuses ringing in my ears,



I can hear the apologies that I hear so often,



Debating with myself about the reason I let you do it,

The reason why I continue to let you waste my time.


T K Williams-Nelson

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#PoetryLovers: I Made You.

I brought light into your dark thoughts,

I poisoned your demons taunts,


You encouraged my insecurities,

You were consistent with the liberties,


I held your heart in the palm of my hands,

I gave you the strength to take your own stands,


You chipped away at my character,

You effected my ability to build my empire,


I made you into this optimistic persona,

You broke me when you said our love was over.


T K Williams-Nelson

More Poetry At: http://www.t-k-world.com #UrbanDesign

Tales of the Hood


My E-book, Tales of the Hood, is available at all online retailers such as Amazon, Sony, Google Books, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, WHSmith & Matador.

Tales of the Hood is based on youth culture and gang violence in a fictional area of London. Jayden struggles to find the right path in a corrupt and contemporary society filled with hatred and hurt.

The novel gives a good insight into what youths may experience in real life, in particular, young men. It taps into emotions and can give older audiences a chance to relate to young people and gain a better understanding of life on the streets.

Short Story Will Be Out Soon!

My short story before the release of my novel, Underclass 7, will be available to read on Wattpad on the 31st of January (Next Week Friday). ‘The Worst: Love vs. Dignity’ is based around a young woman and her dilemmas whilst being in love. I’m sure most young males and females can relate to some aspect of the story and hope you find it a good read 🙂The Worst: Love vs. Dignity