#PoetryLovers: Recognition.

When you step out from the shadows and breath that sigh of relief,

A sigh one in their comfort zone cannot relate to, conform to,

Realising the mistakes that left you in the background in the first place,

As the false promises, hatred and betrayal begin to surface,

When the pain can get no more painful and you believe your judgement is riddled with flaws,

You wait for doors leading forward to pen but they never do,

They ask what happened to you?

To the soulful being who’s now soulless,

To the encouraged individual who’s now discouraged,

No response can express the distress that those trusted have caused,

With the ink in your pen the growth process starts again when your words of thought are finally released,

The weight off your shoulders lifted by the spoken word of your emotions when you write between the lines and read between their eyes,

When in these four walls where previously a dawn hasn’t broken,

You see a splinter of light and take it as a token that you’re still worth something in this world,

This world wrapped up in deceptions and misconceptions,

But you’re still worth something in this world,

Even when feeling an inch small with the disappointments endured you stand tall and don’t even know it,

Now it’s your time to show it,

To show the masterpiece you have become after the let downs and daily frowns,

The crafted individual with more than a clear visual of your purpose,

Spreading words from the heart to lift others from the dark you roll on,

The definition of strong,

You strive for long-term greatness with ambition that’s flawless trying to avoid the heartless,

And now you see for yourself that there is hope for you yet,

You vow never to let life’s demons get the best of you again.

T K Williams-Nelson

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#PoetryLovers: M.I.A

No one sees you, no ones listening,

Make them listen when they see you at the top,

After non-stop graft, the last laugh is fulfilling,

As if building an everlasting legacy isn’t hard enough,

People make the road to riches rough when we all want the same thing,

Fighting each other, it’s clear consensus is fading,

Fade out. Blow a cloud.

Gather your thoughts until you hear that sound,

The familiar sound of inspiration as it whispers out of the blue,

Talking to you, influencing what you should do,

Follow it, believe it, and take it in your stride,

Hard work brings the best sense of pride as pride is a sin to be earned,

Each milestone is still a milestone achieved and each step is still a step forward in the right direction,

Correction, progress can be slow and frustrations tend to grow but the goal is to reach your goal,

Only you will feel it in your soul when the faces that once ignored flock to see what’s next in store,

As you splash your talent over the nation,

Conjured up a creation that has no relation to anyone else,

Left something in this world that no one can erase,

Helpless haters gaze whilst future generations praise.


T K Williams-Nelson

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#PoetryLovers: Wasted Time.

I can feel every second in the minutes that go by,



I can feel the make up on my face dry,



I can feel the anger boiling in my blood,



I can hear the excuses ringing in my ears,



I can hear the apologies that I hear so often,



Debating with myself about the reason I let you do it,

The reason why I continue to let you waste my time.


T K Williams-Nelson

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#PoetryLovers: I Made You.

I brought light into your dark thoughts,

I poisoned your demons taunts,


You encouraged my insecurities,

You were consistent with the liberties,


I held your heart in the palm of my hands,

I gave you the strength to take your own stands,


You chipped away at my character,

You effected my ability to build my empire,


I made you into this optimistic persona,

You broke me when you said our love was over.


T K Williams-Nelson

More Poetry At: http://www.t-k-world.com #UrbanDesign

Tales of the Hood


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