Wish we never did it,

Wish we never loved it,

Wish I rose above it when I had the chance to shun it,

You made out you were worth it,

When you really weren’t worth shit,

Business is money and money is silent,

Silence is a golden lesson taught by you,

Reject my words and manipulate my angle,

Make me feel small momentarily, 

Even though I fell from grace I didn’t land lightly,

Yet all you seem to do is fight me with anger,

Treat me like this outcast,

Your personal stranger,

Well now this is over,

I’ve seen the light and found my four leaf clover,

No cold shoulder,

Hatred stains the heart but purity will restore me,

Anger is destructive and destruction is devastating,

I’ve let go what needs to be let go now I’m elevating,

Over the thought of what was and what wasn’t.


T K Williams-Nelson

#PoetryLovers: Brainwashed

Sitting in a room full of chattering strangers hoping the knowledge they acquire take them higher than the generation before,

Unlock doors to the future with the hope to capture what you believe should be yours,

Little do they know the system knows where everyone will go before we go,

They raise the barriers to keep the barriers between mobility firmly entrenched,

Hence why ethnic intelligence apply for the for the glory of Oxford,

But how many really make the bench?

Teachers, Doctors, whatever you want to call them,

Poisoning your mind with what interests them,

Skipping the real atrocities caused by man,

Vietnam, Slavery and the atom bomb on Japan,

Things that deserve to be brought to light but instead we continue our fight against humanity,

Shit we need clarity,

The news we see we can’t understand because we’ve been programmed,

Programmed to accept what is fed to us when the brain we own is what controls us,

Should control us,

Forced to live in a society where superiority is the majorities goal and somewhat prevails,

But I can exhale,

Because my eyes are open and I can see what’s going on,

This government wants the underclass gone,

Cleansed so that wealth and power can shower the capital and shun the latter,

It won’t happen without war,

And with that said I head to the door,

Leaving the strangers oblivious chatter.


T K Williams-Nelson

Twitter: TKWN_World

http://www.t-k-world.com for more poetry #UrbanDesign

#PoetryLovers: Sunshine.

Yes the light rays bless me on my worst days,
Bring a smile to my face even when there’s nothing to smile about,
Even when in doubt that waking up is going to bring any more good fortune than yesterday,
When things seem bleak,
Unable to speak of the feelings that you feel,
Yet when the sun’s out that all seems to fade away,
You see the new day through a new perspective that light is positive and here to make you bright,
Shine bright like a diamond now that’s cliche,
But remember,
It’s a blessing in itself to wake up to a new day.

T K Williams-Nelson
Twitter: TKWN_World
Www.t-k-world.com for more poetry #UrbanDesign

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#PoetryLovers: Dreaming.

You’re not dreaming,

When mother’s and daughter’s are crying over brother’s taken by another mother’s own,

No, you’re not dreaming,

When she calls your phone with a million lies on why she has to postpone,

Yes, he’s scheming,

Trying to make money to keep that pretty wrist gleaming,

What happened too good old work?

Thriving on the feeling of being different,

Having passion for something you feel is real instead of trying to conceal hidden talent,


One day the sky falls,

The walls around you crumble and you mumble,

What did I do before life took its tumble?

Before the human race damaged the world’s beauty and grace,

And there you are in a pile of dust,

With nothing but memories of lustful ways and the days you used to play silly games,

A waste of brains, waste of space,

Not living but existing in a twisted place called your mind,

That bridge between real life and what real life is to you,

Trust me, you’re not dreaming,

When you’re drunk alone leaning,

Wondering why nothing seems to be gleaming for you,

Search and you will find,

Remind yourself why you started dreaming in the first place.


T K Williams-Nelson

Twitter: TKWN_World

http://www.t-k-world.com for more poetry #UrbanDesign