My Short Story, The Worst: Love vs. Dignity Is Available On Kindle!

My short story, The Worst: Love vs. Dignity, is available on Amazon Kindle at the promotion price of £2.99 starting from tomorrow, the 24th March 2014 at 8am and finishing on the 29th March 2014 at 9pm. This is a great opportunity to purchase a brilliant read for a very small price. The Worst is based on a relationship riddled with dilemmas and emphasizes the concepts of strength and success. 

Spread the word and enjoy. Thank you to all those that show support.

Peace & Love, T K Williams-Nelson



#PoetryLovers: Dreaming.

You’re not dreaming,

When mother’s and daughter’s are crying over brother’s taken by another mother’s own,

No, you’re not dreaming,

When she calls your phone with a million lies on why she has to postpone,

Yes, he’s scheming,

Trying to make money to keep that pretty wrist gleaming,

What happened too good old work?

Thriving on the feeling of being different,

Having passion for something you feel is real instead of trying to conceal hidden talent,


One day the sky falls,

The walls around you crumble and you mumble,

What did I do before life took its tumble?

Before the human race damaged the world’s beauty and grace,

And there you are in a pile of dust,

With nothing but memories of lustful ways and the days you used to play silly games,

A waste of brains, waste of space,

Not living but existing in a twisted place called your mind,

That bridge between real life and what real life is to you,

Trust me, you’re not dreaming,

When you’re drunk alone leaning,

Wondering why nothing seems to be gleaming for you,

Search and you will find,

Remind yourself why you started dreaming in the first place.


T K Williams-Nelson

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#PoetryLovers: Demons.

Invisible but the effects unmissable,

Consistent in the way the pursue a fresh mind only to grind it down into nothing more than doubt,

Good fortune brings surface smiles while deep inside the happiness is slowly being chipped away,

Feeling fearless, 

Yet the demons stay, 

Pray’s on the highs and emphasises the lows,

Leaves you in a state of frustration with confusion as to why your feeling the felt emotion,

We all have them but a person’s own is the biggest battle,

To convince yourself that life is what you make it,

Stop dreaming dreams and take it,

While they take time to seek the source of your strength,

Go to great lengths to distort your vision,

When they whisper in your ear don’t listen,

Don’t let them force you towards a bad decision,

Limit your creations with no hope of salvation,

They don’t need to be seen to be felt and to be heard,

As hard as it is it’s our motivation they yearn,

Wired to function surrounded by dysfunction demons can’t shatter my protection,

A soul as deep as the oceans around us,

Keeping me afloat in this world drowning in sorrow,

Keeping me sane as they taunt my night time thoughts,

Yet no matter what, I always look forward to tomorrow.


T K Williams-Nelson

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#PoetryLovers: You.

It’s crazy the way to fazed me,

In a blink of an eye your character dazed me,

Lifted my shady thoughts,

Brought me to the sunlight,

Sunshine blessing us as we unwind,

Never have I felt so appreciated I appreciate it,

The words of wisdom and fountain of knowledge fuel my duality as you see the best of me,

The best in me realising it’s only me,

Flaws and all that’s what you told me,

Consoled me, shit it seems like this was meant to be,

Call it destiny I resist temptation to benefit me, myself and I that’s what it used to be,

Before you turned up and showed me there’s more to life than insecurity,

Stop and think is this another game?

Play with my emotions and toggle with my mind frame,

At first the burst of affection caught me of guard and I must admit I fell hard,

Lifted me when I was low,

The reason for my morning glow and my permanent smile on show,

It all made sense,

I finally found something real to heal the hurt I’ve endured endlessly,

Then you saw your own light that made you fight me,

Convinced that I wasn’t right like all the rest,

Stepped in the direction of the rest,

Clearly for the best in your eyes you left me wondering are all guys really the same?

Not in general just with me as an individual with a heart as big as lion heart but still none are real from the start,

Accept what I can’t change I fall back and leave you to be you,

Little did I know that meant no more you,

I realised what little you actually do,

I don’t know why I expected to be respected when every other time the concept was neglected,


I paint on the temporary smile, hold my head high and continue my lifestyle.


T K Williams-Nelson

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#PoetryLovers: Stay.

Please stay,

I mean every time you go you take away my new day,

Leave me locked up in memories,

Temporary moments that believe it or not meant the world to me,

Acknowledging your angle I accept the outcome,

Seen a lot of things come and go that made love unwelcome,

What can I say I feel the same way,

Been at rock bottom where the light is dim,

Looking up from within the dark depths I search for light as bright as your smile on a bad day,

When I’m in a bad way the simple words you say sooth the bruises of my pressures,

Allow me to do the same for you,

Be the name you call on, that shoulder to lean on,

But you led me on and now your gone,

They usually come and go and I’m willing to show them the way, but with you,

Please stay,

The gentle but still a let down was a burn,

A burn scolding my heart followed by heartache I can’t make sense of,

Can’t hold a grudge because the good deserve credit,

Yet credit is all I give and receive nothing,

Learning experience definitely so,

Learnt never to let go, never keep them emotions on show,

Stand firm and hold your own because love can’t be found but keeps getting lost,

As this draws to a close I want you to know even though your gone,

I didn’t want you to go but going seemed like the best way to go in the end.


T K Williams-Nelson

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#PoetryLovers: Our Generation


Why do the boys of today pursue the body instead of the mind,

High standards yet low earners,

Boy where’s your right?

And women losing themselves,

Trying to prove themselves to the people that made them lose themselves,

Layers of make-up slowly erasing themselves,

Feel, do you remember what that is?

Genuine emotion, real satisfaction,

Why aren’t we making self development the main development?

Making ourselves relevant instead of deviant,

These white collars aren’t right about us,

Do fuck all by us but the first to judge us,

A man’s ambition is the best recognition that credit is deserved,

A woman’s strength to rise above suppression, practice expression and make an impression,

They say money makes the world go around,

Does it whisper a sweet sound?

Let you know you’re alright, hold on, stand your ground,

And when your alone, money doesn’t change that,

The fact that you lay there at night with only demons in sight,

Yet the new day is bright, shine on,

Happiness is on the horizon, it won’t be long.


T K Williams Nelson

Twitter: TKWN_World for more poetry #UrbanDesign