Underclass 7: Excerpt Three

“When I was made redundant, I turned to alcohol as you all know and that’s when my life really took a turn for the worst. Rena and I would argue everyday until one night, when I was drunk out of my skull, I hit her. And I didn’t just hit her once. I kept hitting […]

Underclass 7: Excerpt Two

“My parents died in a car accident while we were on our way to a camping site one summer. I was only fifteen. I found it hard having to move from care home to care home. I couldn’t establish any routine and just thought my life was over. But it was like my prayers were […]

Underclass 7: Excerpt One

“I say we play a little game,” suggested Justin. “We take a shot and reveal something about ourselves from the past. Something significant and something we don’t already know. The more shots that are taken, the deeper the discussion. Hopefully it eases the atmosphere and makes us realise why we became friends in the first […]

I Vigilante: Part Two – During

Part Two – During So I’ve been drinking, thinking about my next step. I knew what I wanted to do, what I wanted to achieve. I wanted revenge, but I needed months of Dutch courage to go through with it. The police investigation had come up cold, despite me telling them that I saw Ranger […]

I Vigilante: Part One – Before

Part One: Before It was a new day, a normal day. Cairo Smith, a long-time and loved banker, ran downstairs and grabbed a piece of toast off his wife’s plate. “Don’t be cheeky,” she smiled. “Sorry, I’m in a rush again. Early meeting,” he replied. “Well make sure you get back early, cooking a nice […]

New Short Thriller: ‘I Vigilante’ Coming Soon

Just when you thought the idea of revenge was sweet, I Vigilante is a short thriller surrounded by a thirst for vengeance and a bed of lies that says otherwise. After Cairo Smith’s family is killed, he embarks on a quest to hunt down the person responsible, little did he know he would find out […]