Don’t Be Scared To Share Your Story…

Over the last eight years I’ve published four books that all have a part of me weaved into them. How To Become A Freelancer & Make Money On Your Own Terms is no different. It’s not a get rich quick guide, so if you’re seeking fast money then this book wouldn’t be for you. It’s […]

Business and Friendships… Do They Mix?

We’re nearly three months into the year and I’ve got so much new content lined up! Something that’s always been a hot topic as an independent freelancer or entrepreneur is the topic of business and friendships. Do you think they go together? Can you still maintain professionalism with your friends? I must admit I’ve had […]

The Empowering Queens Networking Event: Inspire and Be Inspired!

I had the privilege of speaking to a room full of ambitious and driven ladies at the Empowering Queens networking event on Saturday about my approach to running my fashion business, Unique Boutique London. Empowering Queens is an organisation founded by young entrepreneur Yassin Bojang, and aims to bring women together in different areas of […]

The Man Behind the Act: Noel Samuels

Noel Samuels is a 26 year old singer and actor from London who is ready to take his career to new heights. From a young age Noel had always appreciated good acting, being inspired by the likes of Denzel Washington and Will Smith. By the age of seventeen he knew that acting was what he […]

War Of Minds: Appreciation

Appreciation I feel so elevated when I see people supporting what I created, Understanding the effort that goes into making something special, You could say I write for two reasons, One being as the four seasons go by and I experience every high and every low, I show my emotions through pen and paper, And […]

War Of Minds: Reminiscing

Reminiscing Going over good memories, I can see that God has blessed me, Not only with this business mentality to make my dreams a reality, But with the gift to see through a persons dysfunctional morality, I’ve had my dark days and my deserved praise, I understand that my dark days have brought me closer […]

#PoetryLovers: Our Generation

Why? Why do the boys of today pursue the body instead of the mind, High standards yet low earners, Boy where’s your right? And women losing themselves, Trying to prove themselves to the people that made them lose themselves, Layers of make-up slowly erasing themselves, Feel, do you remember what that is? Genuine emotion, real […]

#PoetryLovers: City Lights.

Beyond beauty my city is my city, Where the streets are gritty but offer more than legality, Street lights shining down on money-making deviance, Bright city lights reminding me why I can’t leave this, Grafting goes unnoticed, Black people made the focus, Yet a bankers bonus gets swept under the carpet, A job market oppressing […]