#PoetryLovers: Self-Destruct

A moment of lust, Mistaken as a moment of love when your heart rate reaches new heights, I have no will to fight this feeling, A feeling missing for so long that I don’t care what it means, Craving for love even when I know it’s not real, Because I’m a complicated deal with a […]

War Of Minds: Winning Team By Ryan Orlando

Winning Team will be the last addition to my latest poetry collection, War Of Minds. The poems written by Ryan Orlando are featured as I wanted to include them in my collection to give it some male perspective, and I’d like to thank everyone who has liked both mine and Ryan’s work, and those that […]

#PoetryLovers: Demons.

Invisible but the effects unmissable, Consistent in the way the pursue a fresh mind only to grind it down into nothing more than doubt, Good fortune brings surface smiles while deep inside the happiness is slowly being chipped away, Feeling fearless,  Yet the demons stay,  Pray’s on the highs and emphasises the lows, Leaves you […]