#PoetryLovers: Moving On (2016)

Happy to be releasing my first poem of 2016 which is called Moving On. Thank you for all the love and support for my writing since joining WordPress and I hope you still feel the good vibes from the words I pen 🙂 Moving On Moving along with the times ain’t no looking back, Back […]

#PoetryLovers: Self-Destruct

A moment of lust, Mistaken as a moment of love when your heart rate reaches new heights, I have no will to fight this feeling, A feeling missing for so long that I don’t care what it means, Craving for love even when I know it’s not real, Because I’m a complicated deal with a […]

War Of Minds Special Feature: Unspoken By Ryan Orlando

Unspoken My best words were the ones I never said The letter you read Is a better representation of me I couldn’t stomach the courage to tell you how much you mean to me So let it sink in Word after word Every sentence paints a picture I know you a good listener and all […]