Strength Beyond Power Poetry Collection: She Ain’t Me

I’m good at pretending I don’t need love when it comes to you, If you wanted to love me that’s what you would do, But instead you’re partnered with another with nothing more to offer but lust and seduction, Seems like the world of moral corruption has sucked you in and you’ve lost sight of […]

War Of Minds: Reminiscing

Reminiscing Going over good memories, I can see that God has blessed me, Not only with this business mentality to make my dreams a reality, But with the gift to see through a persons dysfunctional morality, I’ve had my dark days and my deserved praise, I understand that my dark days have brought me closer […]

#PoetryLovers: Demons.

Invisible but the effects unmissable, Consistent in the way the pursue a fresh mind only to grind it down into nothing more than doubt, Good fortune brings surface smiles while deep inside the happiness is slowly being chipped away, Feeling fearless,  Yet the demons stay,  Pray’s on the highs and emphasises the lows, Leaves you […]