A writer of both fiction and non-fiction, I embrace both my crazy imagination and my business persona when it comes to writing my books. Underclass 7 is for readers that want a book with a buzz. A story line that will keep you up reading until 2am and on edge about what happens next. In contrast, Time is Money is a self-development book based around business and creativity. It has a motivational tone with the aim to inspire not just young people, but everyone to start something for themselves. Start monetizing the talents you never thought you could tap into, and create a stream of income that can ease the burden of everyday life.

How To Become A Freelancer: Start Making Money On Your Own Terms

How To Become A Freelancer & Start Making Money On Your Own Terms is a definitive and practical resource for anyone seeking to start earning money on their own terms either working from home or directly with clients. This short guide will teach you how to become a freelancer – from how to identify your skills that can be monetized, the different areas and industries in which you can start freelancing and how to manage your time and money along the way. T K Williams-Nelson shares how she made hundreds from baking cupcakes in her spare time in addition to freelancer testimonials that include working with celebrities and collaborating with big names in their industries. Following on from her self-development book, Time is Money, this guide is the perfect starting point for budding creatives and entrepreneurs.


Time is Money

Time is Money is a self-development book based around business, entrepreneurship and creatives. It draws upon crucial elements of business such as time and money management, and provides information on funding, education and business management.


Underclass 7

Foss, and his six friends commit burglary and come into money that will change their lives. Nothing in life is free, and they find that out the hard way when someone wants what belongs to them and will do anything to get it. Underclass 7 is a thriller-mystery novel based on the 7 Deadly Sins and filled with twists and turns that will keep you reading and want more.


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