My name is Tannika and I’m an author, Criminology graduate and fashion business owner. I do a bit of everything and I love it.

My published books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other online retailers:

Tales of The Hood (2013 E-book)

Underclass 7 (2014 Book)

Time is Money (2017 Book)

How To Become A Freelancer (2019 Book)

Writing has always been a big part of my life. From writing books and poetry to blogging regularly, I love creating new content. My fashion business is called Unique Boutique London which specializes in handmade crochet designs that I make independently. I became serious about fashion whilst studying at university and finding it difficult to find clothes for my small frame. It led me to starting my own business to create my own clothing.

My blog initially started with poetry posts and has slowly progressed to become more focused on business and creativity, money management and self-development. My latest book, Time is Money, is based around me being a young entrepreneur and creative. I talk about my highs and lows in business and the opportunities out there for those that would like to start up something for themselves.

Check out my workshops for money & business management, and learning how to crochet to find out more about my journey and to start yours!

Unique Boutique London

Twitter: @Tannika_x|@TKWN_World

Facebook: Time is Money UK | Unique Boutique London

Instagram: @tannikataylor | @uniqueboutiqueldn | @timeismoneymedia

I’m always ready to know your thoughts so please don’t be shy and let’s network!

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