I hope you’ve all had an amazing festive season! It’s definitely been hectic for me here behind the scenes of Time is Money Media. I’ve been dealing with a family bereavement and have taken some time out to focus on my mental health during the process, but I had to drop one more blog post before 2019, and this decade comes to an end!

Hosting our BYOB poetry event at Boxpark Wembley

Firstly, I’d like to thank all my followers and readers for their love and support. You guys are the reason I keep blogging. The aim is always to inspire. To do better and be better. I published Time is Money nearly three years ago and it has changed my vision of life. Saving, investing and having my own lane became a priority, and I’m glad you’ve allowed me to share that with you through my posts.

It’s the end of 2019 and the end of a decade. I’m never really this personal in blog posts, but I know that the last 10 years have been challenging, and I know many of you must feel the same way! I may only be 24 years old, but after how much I’ve accomplished already, sometimes I feel like I’m 54 instead. There’s always more to learn and achieve on this journey called life, so here are my three main goals for 2020:

1. Prioritise your mental health.

I say it time and time again that your mental health is the most important thing that matters. It needs to be acknowledged and nurtured. Make time for this when you need to, and you’ll see the benefits.

2. Start that project or venture you’ve been sitting on.

I’ve been wanting to launch an official event under Time is Money Media since I first came up with the concept two years ago. I’ll finally be taking that step in 2020 and launching my very own poetry and music event to promote poets and artists across London and beyond. Even after all I’ve achieved already, I was scared. I thought about the event not going to plan, or what if I can’t do this on my own? But after hosting 200 people at a poetry event run by a collective of us at Boxpark Wembley, I knew I had to follow through.

3. Master evaluating yourselves.

Everything you do starts with you. How you see a situation and how you react to it. Learn to evaluate your feelings before reacting. This goes for both positive and negative scenarios. Mastering how to do this isn’t easy but it’s worth it. You invest your energy into those who deserve it, and you keep a distance from those that don’t. 2020 needs to be a positive year for all of us!

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Some of these posts really take me back! They show how I’ve developed as a writer, a creative and a business woman. I hope you all can value the achievements you’ve made over this last decade, and I hope you achieve so much more in 2020!

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