Since publishing Time is Money two years ago, I’ve connected with so many creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs that have had valuable stories to tell about how Time is Money has helped them in some way. Whether it was developing a business plan or seeking funding through the Prince’s Trust, it was amazing to know that my book was benefiting people in the way I had intended. However, it was definitely more focused on the traditional approaches to business compared to more flexible forms of work such as freelancing. This inspired me to develop a short guide that is mainly focused on helping freelancers and creatives to build their business or side venture whilst avoiding the challenges that come along the way.

The book includes business knowledge and tips, funding options, freelancer testimonials, how to let clients find you and loads of useful links that can help you with money management, time management and more.

Released 10th June

If you keep up with my blog or know me personally, you know that I’m passionate about making people realise that they are talented. Every one has skills that can be monetized and can create a new stream of income from this. Yet with the fast paced lifestyle that many people live, it’s difficult for people to do what they love and also work for a living. How To Become A Freelancer & Make Money On Your Own Terms breaks down what it’s like to be a freelancer and how you can freelance alongside your main employment. The guide isn’t a solution to financial problems, it encourages you to analyse your options and see how you can start investing in yourself.

Life is about making things happen. Testing the waters and seeing what works for you so when you’re ready to settle into a long-term career, you know it’s one that you can take pride in. My recent blog post on mental health in the workplace is another inspiration for this book. Many people are working in jobs with demanding workloads and other stressful situations because they have to. We all have commitments to maintain and you can start to feel like you’re trapped. This is where doing something you love in your own time can help. Taking the time to work on your photography of your design work can help relieve the unfulfilled feeling your main employment may give you. Monetizing these skills can then in turn relieve some of the financial burdens you may have that your main employment doesn’t cover.

Success is the main goal for us all, so I encourage people to look within and see how you can create little successes for yourself which all lead towards that end goal. How To Be A Freelancer & Start Making Money On Your Own Terms is a great starting point for those considering freelancing, those who are freelancing already and for creatives that don’t know what to do with their work. The book covers how to set up as a freelancer, the do’s and don’t’s, how to secure funding and so much more. I also feature testimonials from freelance photographers and graphic designers who have traveled across the globe, covered celebrity events and built computers from scratch. Freelancing can bring a wealth of different opportunities in different forms.

How To Be A Freelancer will be released on my website on the 10th June under ‘Books’ in the top left and Amazon. New Time is Money Workshop tickets are now available under ‘Workshops’ for the 12th July.

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