Now that I’ve launched my new website and Time is Money Talk workshops, I’m back to posting and today I’m talking about creative platforms. Particularly, those across social media.

I’m sure we all know a few platforms online that aim to promote creative’s and those are definitely the platformswe need to be thankful for. Being an independent creative isn’t easy but the support that comes from these platforms make all the difference.

I used to attend random events and would ask to feature creative’s, entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone who had an interesting story to tell on my blog and YouTube Channel. It’s always a great feeling knowing that you’re helping to get this person’s story out there, and you get to find out new things too.

My favourite platform right now is @TheCreativesUK on Twitter. They are a platform that really takes pride in showcasing new creative’s to their audience and they’ve done so for me many times. If you’re involved in music, art, or anything that you think the world needs to see, then be sure to give them a follow and connect. They genuinely aim to bridge the gap between people and creativity across all areas.

This isn’t the case with all platforms though. Going back to Twitter, there’s been many platforms that request that creative’s send in their work to be featured. You’ll have conversations and make plans, only to never see them showcase your work. Not only is this a waste of time on both parts, but it can be disheartening. It implies that the platform isn’t interested in your work and made you go through this process for no reason. I’ve experienced with this multiple times. There are platforms that have a case of favouritism going on. They only want to support those that everyone is already supporting at the time.

DON’T be disheartened. The way these platforms respond to you isn’t a reflection of your work. Look at for the platforms that are genuinely supporting a broad range of creative’s and follow them. Network with them and kindly ask if they could feature what you do. If you’ve already seen what they do then they’ll most likely accept.

After a few blunders myself I wanted to give up connecting with platforms to showcase my work, but I can honestly say that connecting with @TheCreativesUK restored my faith in reaching out to different people when I have something I want to share.

I ask, help or hindrance? Only you can decide that, but don’t stop reaching out to new people. You never know who you you might find.

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