I had the privilege of speaking to a room full of ambitious and driven ladies at the Empowering Queens networking event on Saturday about my approach to running my fashion business, Unique Boutique London.

Empowering Queens is an organisation founded by young entrepreneur Yassin Bojang, and aims to bring women together in different areas of the industry to network and inspire. Yassin has been a good friend of mine since we met at university, and it was amazing to see how people came together to support her and each other.

Speakers included myself and Joanna (pictured above) who works at Google and has asserted herself as the beautiful, fierce woman she is in a male dominated workplace. 

The event was hosted by the lovely Monique, who did a brilliant job getting everyone involved and interacting with each other. Before each speaker went up, she led a motivational chant that was a very unique touch to any social gathering.

There is a lot more to come from Empowering Queens and the women that come together because of it. It is an initiative that is essential to the development of young people, and it was a lovely experience being a part of it.

T K Williams-Nelson 

Published by T K Williams Nelson

I'm Tannika. Author & Writer. Business Owner. Spoken Word Poet. As featured in The Kilburn & Brent Times, The Voice Newspaper, Brent Magazine, BBC and more. This is my space. I share my work, my experiences and things I find interesting. Shop my streetwear and crochet brands at my online boutique, Unique Boutique London, and my books: Tales of the Hood Underclass 7 Time is Money Available on my author website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other online book retailers. For enquiries: timeismoneyinquiries@gmail.com

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