Noel Samuels is a 26 year old singer and actor from London who is ready to take his career to new heights. From a young age Noel had always appreciated good acting, being inspired by the likes of Denzel Washington and Will Smith. By the age of seventeen he knew that acting was what he wanted to do and began to take it seriously. He graduated in 2012 and that same year he collaborated on a project with River Dance in Dublin. The project was called Heartbeat of Home and fused salsa and traditional African dance together.
In 2015, Noel travelled to China to play the role of Seaweed J Stubbs in the Hairspray production, but his biggest challenge was yet to come. In 2015 he moved to Germany for a year to take part in the theatre production, Starlight Express. Created by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Starlight Express has been part of the German city, Bochum for over 28 years. It is a musical production that includes an array of twists and turns that aim to give you a spectacular show. For Noel, this was the most difficult job he had to adapt to. With being in a completely new city and playing parts in such a landmark german production, the pressure was on. Noel trained at skate school for four months to prepare for the show and survive a four month probation period before officially being part of the Starlight Express team. He played the lead role of Papa, which he admits was difficult as he had to learn how to both sing and speak in German but was his most enjoyable role to play whilst he was out there. He also played other minor roles before returning to the UK in 2016 ready to take the acting world by storm.
Noel is set to star in the West End production of Dream Girls at the end of the year which he describes as the best highlight of his acting and singing career so far. It is not easy for actors to make their break on a London theatre stage where only the best are given the opportunity to do so, but Noel has broken down boundaries and is ready to leave his mark in his home city. When asked if he would consider moving towards film and TV he said ‘film and tv are definitely an option, but I have to be able to do the role justice’. Just goes to show that it’s not all about the money and the attention when you have passion and a dream.
T K Williams-Nelson

Published by T K Williams Nelson

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