Word Up celebrated its first anniversary this month with a bang! One of the best spokenword events in London, Word Up was packed with amazing talent once again. What made the night even more special is that they suprised some of their past and present performers with a published poetry book featuring their work!



Yes, Word Up has released their first published poetry book featuring 39 brilliant poets that have performed at Word Up in the past year, including myself. Not only is this a wonderful gesture to all the poets that were lucky enough to be published, but it is a major step for Word Up as an event. They have shown everyone why they are truly a cut above the rest, and how much they appreciate the individuals that grace their stage.

Published Poet and Videographer: Abu Yillah
Published Poet & Spokenword Artist: Seraphic

My published poem is called ‘Reminiscing’ and like much of my poetry and spokenword, it speaks upon what is happening in our world. My writing is often politically aware, and covers a range of topics from poverty to capitalism and everything in between.

Founded by Charlie and Laura de Courcy, Word Up has blossomed into something beautiful and has provided both established and first-time performers with a great platform to express. I performed at their very first event in June last year, and ever since have become a part of a growing poetry society. Held on the first Monday of every month, the event allows you to be inspired, inspire others and meet the best people.

Word Up founders Charlie and Laura with Ghetto Geek

Performance highights from the latest event include brother Malachi and Maverick who gave a mind blowing performance that topped of a fantastic night. Also poets such as Abu Yillah and Ghetto Geek graced the stage with some immense words of worth, with host, Charlie kicking off the night with another passionate piece. The headliner of the night, Poet Curious, gave us our quick fix of word play that raised goose bumps. If you missed it, then you definitely need to catch the video footage once uploaded on the Word Up youtube channel.

Headliner of the night: Poet Curious
Performers Malachi and Maverick with Ghetto Geek
Poets: Ghetto Geek and Seraphic

Poetry and spokenword is becoming more recognised as an art form. Words are a powerful tool and being an author and poet myself, I am a believer of being able to express yourself in any way that you want to creatively. Express with us!

By T K Williams-Nelson

Facebook: T K Williams-Nelson

Twitter: @Tannika_x @TKWN_World

Instagram: TannikaTaylor


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