Strength Beyond Power Poetry Collection: She Ain’t Me

I’m good at pretending I don’t need love when it comes to you,

If you wanted to love me that’s what you would do,

But instead you’re partnered with another with nothing more to offer but lust and seduction,

Seems like the world of moral corruption has sucked you in and you’ve lost sight of value,

Trading diamonds for rocks is a waste of value,

Don’t deny that we have an understanding that they can’t understand,

I see your demons no matter how hard you try to hide them and I know,

We share a depth I know you can’t let go and you’ll show your face again,

Like an endless cycle I can’t go through this again,

Because when I was right here with this lion heart to give you chose her,

You chose them,

They ain’t me,

And she never will be.

T K Williams-Nelson


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Published by T K Williams Nelson

I'm Tannika. Author & Writer. Business Owner. Spoken Word Poet. As featured in The Kilburn & Brent Times, The Voice Newspaper, Brent Magazine, BBC and more. This is my space. I share my work, my experiences and things I find interesting. Shop my streetwear and crochet brands at my online boutique, Unique Boutique London, and my books: Tales of the Hood Underclass 7 Time is Money Available on my author website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other online book retailers. For enquiries:

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