Strength Beyond Power Poetry Collection – Count My Blessings

Count My Blessings is the first poem from my new poetry collection, Strength Beyond Power. I hope you enjoy!

Count my blessings,

Two novels in the world and another in the making,

Sometimes I can’t help shaking thinking that I need to keep creating greatness,

6 diamonds produced by my two soldiers taught me how to love from young,

No man compares to my two brothers and how their lovers give them strength and power,

Not to mention every hour I’m alive is the best blessing of all,

Because with no life comes no hope and no way of opening eyes,

Eyes wide open but even I go blind at times,

All the lies and fake cries has you questioning if the people around you are a blessing,

Think about all you learn from even those that wrong you,

Yet those that console you after are the real blessings in disguise,

As long as my eyes can see and my fingers can write,

I’ll always see the light in any darkness because my blessings stop me from becoming wholly heartless.

T K Williams-Nelson

Facebook Page: T K Williams-Nelson

Twitter: TKWN_World

Published by T K Williams Nelson

I'm Tannika. Author & Writer. Business Owner. Spoken Word Poet. As featured in The Kilburn & Brent Times, The Voice Newspaper, Brent Magazine, BBC and more. This is my space. I share my work, my experiences and things I find interesting. Shop my streetwear and crochet brands at my online boutique, Unique Boutique London, and my books: Tales of the Hood Underclass 7 Time is Money Available on my author website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other online book retailers. For enquiries:

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