Wish we never did it,

Wish we never loved it,

Wish I rose above it when I had the chance to shun it,

You made out you were worth it,

When you really weren’t worth shit,

Business is money and money is silent,

Silence is a golden lesson taught by you,

Reject my words and manipulate my angle,

Make me feel small momentarily, 

Even though I fell from grace I didn’t land lightly,

Yet all you seem to do is fight me with anger,

Treat me like this outcast,

Your personal stranger,

Well now this is over,

I’ve seen the light and found my four leaf clover,

No cold shoulder,

Hatred stains the heart but purity will restore me,

Anger is destructive and destruction is devastating,

I’ve let go what needs to be let go now I’m elevating,

Over the thought of what was and what wasn’t.


T K Williams-Nelson

Published by T K Williams Nelson

I'm Tannika. Author & Writer. Business Owner. Spoken Word Poet. As featured in The Kilburn & Brent Times, The Voice Newspaper, Brent Magazine, BBC and more. This is my space. I share my work, my experiences and things I find interesting. Shop my streetwear and crochet brands at my online boutique, Unique Boutique London, and my books: Tales of the Hood Underclass 7 Time is Money Available on my author website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other online book retailers. For enquiries: timeismoneyinquiries@gmail.com

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