#PoetryLovers: M.I.A

No one sees you, no ones listening,

Make them listen when they see you at the top,

After non-stop graft, the last laugh is fulfilling,

As if building an everlasting legacy isn’t hard enough,

People make the road to riches rough when we all want the same thing,

Fighting each other, it’s clear consensus is fading,

Fade out. Blow a cloud.

Gather your thoughts until you hear that sound,

The familiar sound of inspiration as it whispers out of the blue,

Talking to you, influencing what you should do,

Follow it, believe it, and take it in your stride,

Hard work brings the best sense of pride as pride is a sin to be earned,

Each milestone is still a milestone achieved and each step is still a step forward in the right direction,

Correction, progress can be slow and frustrations tend to grow but the goal is to reach your goal,

Only you will feel it in your soul when the faces that once ignored flock to see what’s next in store,

As you splash your talent over the nation,

Conjured up a creation that has no relation to anyone else,

Left something in this world that no one can erase,

Helpless haters gaze whilst future generations praise.


T K Williams-Nelson

More Poetry at: http://www.t-k-world.com #UrbanDesign



Published by T K Williams Nelson

I'm Tannika. Author & Writer. Business Owner. Spoken Word Poet. As featured in The Kilburn & Brent Times, The Voice Newspaper, Brent Magazine, BBC and more. This is my space. I share my work, my experiences and things I find interesting. Shop my streetwear and crochet brands at my online boutique, Unique Boutique London, and my books: Tales of the Hood Underclass 7 Time is Money Available on my author website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other online book retailers. For enquiries: timeismoneyinquiries@gmail.com

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